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who we are:
We are animal lovers who have our own dogs, living in Greece in North Euboea (Evia). Anyone who knows or has heard of the "problems" of animal protection in Mediterranean countries will understand that we cannot simply stand by when 4 week old puppies are abandoned or dogs are simply "forgotten" in the nearest parking. Over the years, we have become aware of the unbelievable destinies of dogs and have taken care of many abandoned or sick or even abused animals. The gratitude and affection of the animals that you experience when nursing them back to health, treating them well or giving them a proper home with a bed and regular food, makes the effort worth it, but we do need support as our capacity of taking in 3 animals in addition to our own is permanently exceeded. Luckily we can house some animals with friendly and reliable people in the region but unfortunately not all. We are looking for godparents and a new home for these animals.

Was wir tun:
Tierarzt Dimitrios Papatriantafilou If you take in a pet from us, we will first have it examined by our vet Dimitrios Papatriantafillou who will undertake all the necessary treatments and vaccinations. Sick animals will be cared for by us until they are once again healthy. Only once we and the vet are assured that the animals are in full health will they be released for placement.
You can probably imagine that we develop a bond with the foundlings in just a short time, and it is difficult for us to be separated from them, but new cases give us no other choice than to give them away, but only once we are assured that the animal will enrich your life with its devotion, loyalty and loving attention and you offer it a suitable home in return. The placement is a question of trust. You can rest assured that we are not operating a commercial agency and you can verify this on site, or contact godparents who have already taken in an animal from us. In return, we ask to be able to subsequently inquire about the welfare of our protégés. Some people report to us regularly about the development and it is the greatest reward for us to learn that our foundling is doing well and is happy.
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brief description
Born in an unused shed 'The Autobiography of a stray' is the story of 'Squirrel', born one of two surviving puppies to a stray dog who arrives at the shed seeking shelter to give birth to her litter.
Separated early on from first her mother then her brother, Squirrel's tale, told in her own words is compelling and great reading. Never staying anywhere long, living mainly on the outskirts of small towns, coming into contact with humans both kind and cruel, taking what shelter she can from the elements and surviving on scraps and small mammals, Squirrels story is both heartbreaking and lovely at the same time.
The book is aimed at 9-12 year olds but would be loved by anybody. Beautifully written, it's a harsh tale of survival that will melt your heart.
How do placements work? Anyone interested in one of our animals can contact us by email or telephone to discuss the details. Dear animal lovers, you may of course drop in or perhaps arrange a vacation in the beautiful north Euboea and get to know and collect your pet-to-be directly from our place. Otherwise, we can organise transport to Germany together with the necessary paperwork, vaccinations and chip identification. This is all naturally compliant with EU laws and is completely legal! We will carry the costs of veterinary treatment, chip etc. thus assuring you that we are not operating a commercial dog placement agency, but are rather acting purely out of our love of animals and our willingness to help without any financial gain.

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