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bevore operation after operation a happy dog
gets on well with other dogs and cats gets on well with other dogs and cats
Name: Hoppalong (female, spayed)
breed: Mix
age: ca. 3,5 years
height: 50 cm
weight: ca. 16 kg
character: Hoppalong very affectionate and loves to be made a fuss of
history: We found Hoppalong living on the parking lot of a supermarket. She had obviously been hit by a car and her fight front leg was deformed and the left front leg has been completely dislocated and was being dragged along the ground. This dragging had caused the flesh to worn off exposing the bone. We took her home and washed and bandaged up the dislocated paw. We then took her to a vet in Athens and her right leg was removed. She has adapted well to her three legs and can move around surprising well.
of the future owner:
She is an undemanding dog and gets on well with other dogs and cats. She cannot walk very far and thus 15 minute walks are ideal. She would ideally suit an older person who is lonely and wants a wonderful companion.
date 19.05.2009

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brief description
Melissa Wareham always wanted to work with dogs. After failing her biology O-level, she realised she'd have to start at the bottom, cleaning out kennels at Battersea Dogs Home. From frail old men looking for a four-legged companion to famous folk who've lost their favourite hound, it seems that at some point everyone passes through Battersea's doors. Amongst the clamour of thousands of lost pets crying 'Rescue Me!' and the noise of the railway lines above, Melissa found she had come home. The first dog Melissa fell for was Tulip, a sweet, elderly and somewhat dotty mongrel who decided a solo bus ride into the West End might be fun. Next up was Roscoe: found by the ambulance team with his dead owner, he is rehabilitated with a little help from his master's hat. And then - many, many dogs later - there is Gus. With his owner in jail, Melissa finally finds the dog she is to take home as her own. Heart-warming and compulsively readable, "Rescue Me" is Melissa's memoir of her fifteen years at Britain's most-loved dogs' home.


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