The history of Milo

six small puppies at the garbage place six small puppies at the garbage place six small puppies at the garbage place
During our island trip we came across an illegal dumping site. To our horror 6 tiny puppies had been dumped there. No water and garbage for food. Although we allready have five strays we could not leave these poor creatures to their fate.
all of them were washed,all of them were washed, dewormed, deflead and taken to our local vet for a thourough examination and innoculations. He charges us a special rate as he is well aware of the work we do and the high costs involved. We advertised extensively and fortunately found homes for all of them. To tell them apart from each other they were given different color collars and called blackie red etc. One was renamed Milo and you can read about him on his own Homepage The other 5 were taken by Vesna Jones, a lovely lady from the UK who has done much to help find homes for Greek dogs
Brownie-Black Brownie-Braun Brownie-Red
Blacky-Blue Blue and Black drinking

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Rosie und Ann
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